Wen Zhejiang in the past history of economic development has created countless gratifying achievements, has become a landmark business groups in china. On the occasion of the arrival of the new year, the Wenzhou city leaders went to warm new year, certainly in its entrepreneurial innovation and results, and placed more expectations.

end early visit warm representatives and their families, is an important activity in the municipal government to promote the return of warm business. Earlier this month, Chinese New Year congratulatory letter a letter from the municipal government the main leadership signature, through traditional letters and government official website, micro-blog, WeChat, QQ group and other multimedia channels, sent to the warm and Xian hands, sincere blessing to the transfer of Party committees and governments taking the temperature and xian. A letter from home is a gold, go back home quickly maxed out abroad Wenzhou WeChat circle of friends.

is at the beginning of the month, Xu Liyi Municipal Committee, Secretary General Yang Qiu came to the Longwan District of Wenzhou economic and Technological Development Zone and other places, to give warm representatives pay New Year’s call. At 3 pm, holding a bunch of flowers, a spring bloom full of warm spring from Xu Liyi into a holding group, Xiang Guangda group chairman of the board of directors to send New Year wishes: "it is warm business return, or the transformation and development of Wenzhou innovation and development, lead all cannot do without the outstanding entrepreneurs. Thank you for your important contribution to the development of Wenzhou!"

forum, Xu Liyi detailed understanding of development this year group plan, asking each return of warm business projects to promote the work of the committee to solicit, opinions and suggestions, to continue to play a leading role in the leading group in the new year, in promoting the return of warm business, make a greater contribution to promoting the development of Wenzhou’s innovation and development.

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