dessert has always been dubbed can bring people happy food, ice cream is the sister’s favorite. Changes in the consumption habits of young people, making ice cream into a hot selling products throughout the year. The choice of shopping can not be less ice cream. So what is the best choice of ice cream stores? Xiao Bian recommended for you DF ice cream.

DF ice cream (DAIRY FAIRY) is dephone Holdings (International) dephone era commercial chain Limited operates a soft ice cream brand. Adhering to " create surprise, pass pleasure " brand philosophy, culture and spirit of the standard DF ice cream with innovative diverse tastes, fashion personality space experience, happy service, continuously for consumers to bring fresh consumer experience, open the amazing taste buds tour, " International Association of business unit of ice cream " honor.

"whole store output" joined the system 360° support

according to the International Franchise Association (IFA) survey report pointed out that local entrepreneurial success rate is 36%, while the global franchise chain store business success rate is 96%. Thus, the investment franchise chain store is to ensure that the trend of profitability.

DF ice cream to many years of successful chain operation experience, to create "entire shop output" mode, copy the successful model, one-stop service franchisees, and continue to provide guidance and support for the terminal operators to join the business, so you can shop, with you to fortune


1, service phase

professional consulting and audit service given location location;

professional design team responsible for store design, decoration work, unified VI visual identity;

technical team is responsible for the installation and commissioning of equipment and software system;

2, construction support

to join the recruitment of staff to provide 7 days of the system of " business integrated training and evaluation of " the national uniform service standards, marketing tools, service language, post qualification;

provides a set of DF ice cream shop operating manual;

chain service team to provide professional advice and guidance;

3, opening support

provides 5 days of on-site supervision and support (sales and service, management and management, software and hardware operations, etc.);


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