entrepreneurship, is now a lot of people are concerned about the topic, but also a lot of people choose. "Brother, dude loyalty, like-minded, glorious years, together with the total death," these noble words, I as early as 20 years ago to play bad. So do not repeat here, went straight to the theme, only talk about entrepreneurship.

"business partnership" is a civilization of vocabulary, but sorry, I of the social environment is not a kind of youth entrepreneurship is defined, that is "the gang start" more, "little business partnership".

"node," these two words have been tied together, but today apart to re configure a group of words, their meaning is not the same.

if every entrepreneur only staring at the brilliant success, but rarely to explore those failure cases, it is very dangerous, I do not want young people to go home to be launched after being successful brainwashing


this success has nothing to do with you, either, or learning experience, what others can do, into your hands. You may not be able to do, in other words, if we put a >

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