from the fruit rot in the ground, to the country shipped in short supply, the benefits of e-commerce to rural farmers can be more than that. At present, Taobao has been in rural areas in rural areas to create a new marketing channels.


37 year old migrant workers Cai Maolin is Fengjie County Cao Tang Zhen Zhu Ping Cun rural Taobao shop shop is his partner, lucky won the Taobao rural "double 11" in the first season of "the arrival of the first single".

"entrepreneurs have to go." The establishment of the Fengjie and Cai Maolin put all sorts of things together, Ting Agriculture Co. Ltd. in Longhua Shan Cai Jia Ping Li, planting and cultivation of kiwifruit seedlings, planting area of nearly more than and 600 acres.

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