after a year of development, around the public record from the free development space has entered into the official civil cooperative stage, Shanxi identified 35 provincial public record in January, let startups have more reliable choice.

"public record space for start-ups to achieve" bag "settled, not only provide soft service training, information network and technology sharing site also provides free, public facilities and other hardware services." In February 14th, Shanxi Gaochuang · the leader of space innovation development department Yang Qian introduction, 35 public space as a leader in our province the first batch of a space, has completed the construction of double service online and offline, a total construction area of 1000 square meters.

the provincial science and Technology Department released the January 7th 35 provincial public in our province the first batch of a space list. The confirmation received from 10, a total of 83 units to declare material, through the form of review, expert assessment and other aspects, to lead the space, clear control of 35 public space public record as the representative of a space through the review, was identified as the first batch of Shanxi province public record space.

"with the province" double "related policies, the province’s public record space model innovation platform construction become, operators and service mode are showing a variety of situation." Provincial Science and Technology Department of high-tech development and industrialization department director Zhang Kejun introduced, at present, our province formed a leading space, clear control of integrated service type public space public record as the representative of a space; stainless steel deep processing of the public record space, Li Guang mechanical processing industrial park public record space as the representative of the industry chain service mode of the public record in space; Yuncheng Galaxy multi-creation space as the representative of the real estate restructuring public record space; in the 88 together to vote for the representatives of the investment driven by a public record space; wisdom training and coaching public passenger space represented by a space and to a number of workshops as the representative of the media driven public a space six development mode.

incubation platform role has been recognized, but because of the public record space in China is still at the initial stage of development, still has a lot of defects, the majority of guests need to pay attention in this regard.

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