said the business needs to articulate, so many bosses think in any case, if you want a good business, if you want to attract more consumers, we need to "play to the extreme. However, if the real business investors should know that, in fact, in the retail business, "listen" is more important than "say". However, although many operators have been aware of this, but let the customer end, said it is simple, but it is not easy to do.

"talk" is the most popular way to communicate with the customers and maintain the customers’ feelings. It plays a very important role in the retail business. It is an art to say "good", "listen" is an art. Some people are willing to listen, some people do not want to listen to others, like to interrupt the topic of others. Good is not good at listening to others speak, can let the customer to finish, for business, will produce different results.

day, I went to the county of a tobacco non-staple food supermarket. Wait for me to buy, waiting to pay at the cashier, came in a middle-aged aunt. Aunt a door, the supermarket cashier said: "girl, I bought the egg in the supermarket yesterday, you had the wrong." Listen to the aunt, the cashier turned down, ranging from Aunt finish, was rudely interrupted and said: "face to face money across the money out of the supermarket door silver goods square, is not responsible for, don’t come here. What would you do if I asked for less money?"

listened to the cashier, aunt half did not speak in front of the cashier, every single word or phrase said: "you don’t regret. I wanted to come to you to find my money back to you, you’re out of the door even." Say that finish, aunt angrily left, leaving the cashier speechless, speechless.

coincidentally. A few days ago, I went to a breakfast shop to buy breakfast. This breakfast shop fried soft and chewy Deep-Fried Dough Sticks stone mill, Soybean Milk fragrance, authentic, attracted many customers to buy. In front of me, a young woman, after buying the fried dough sticks, so that the boss to install their own half a cup of soy milk. She said: today to eat their own, a cup of milk can not drink." It is ready to Soybean Milk proprietress listens, not happy, young woman to scold: "this Soybean Milk a cup of money, would not make money, in order to sell to sell Deep-Fried Dough Sticks collocation, you buy half a cup of 5 hair, not paper money, how can you buy the thing?"

The young woman was busy

explained: "boss, I drink a small appetite, not finished, but……" Did not wait for the young woman to finish, the boss said: "you can not drink is your thing, anyway, my milk is a dollar, if everyone is like you will be calculated, then I will not die?" Just want to open a young woman, was interrupted by the boss: a dollar a cup, you do not buy? Buy a cup back if you don’t drink

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