is now a lot of people have been aware of the square dance is a huge opportunity, however, this opportunity is how to give it, how to use this opportunity to earn money, this is the need of our research. So, square dance business can show what kind of form? And let’s analyze it together.

2015 in May, a section called aunt flash TFBOYS video crazy turn on the network, in the short term to create a about 3000000 hits. In the video, a stylish aunt with TFBOYS combination of the Divine Comedy, in the edge of the West Lake Hangzhou square dance dance dynamic hot, attracted a lot of tourists.

shooting this video is the Hangzhou grand square dance entrepreneurial team, founder Fang Hui found that teaching video is a big pain in the square dance aunt, because they generally do not use electronic products and network download. To this end, Fang Hui team developed a special square dance Tablet PC, the introduction of the teaching video library, and the star teacher to carry out the content of cooperation in the operation is similar to the old man, very convenient to use.

said that if the commercial practice of some successful operators also belong to the internal hatch, so since the beginning of 2015, a large number of companies from the outside to kill in the square dance arena wins.

including Fang Hui, the current start-up companies are almost square dance video as the key to open the market entrance. Just square dance, square dance, dance and so on are all through the App or WeChat public number, online polymerization teaching, video games, to achieve the purpose of drainage.

is the most influential sugar bean network, which was originally a video cloud service company’s life portal, and then simply do square dance video, aunt taught how to dance and how to make a video of the dance team. Based on the advantages of the parent company’s video technology, the number of daily coverage of more than 1 million tons of sugar beans network, more than 4 million 700 thousand visits, ranking first in the square dance site, has now received thousands of yuan A round of financing.

in addition to selling hardware to Fang Hui, other video companies are now starting business has not been profitable, but it is certain that they are trying to create an interactive video platform, and make cash flow and the community.

sold 1000 square dance flat, Fang Hui decided to expand the scope of business. In this line of thought, Fang Hui did a line based activities and the game of the grand square dance club, invited more than and 10 star teacher signed as a consultant. After the establishment of the club’s first big, is to cooperate with the Songcheng performing arts, to become the Songcheng Square Dance Contest Registration organization.

400 more than more than 30 thousand teams to participate in the game, the Songcheng scenic area has brought a huge

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