is well known, the new store, the most important thing is to expand market influence, attract new customers. But for the lack of experience of the novice, how to store for their good promotion in order to attract more tourists advertised? Look at the following methods, perhaps to store publicity for your help oh.

new store promotional skills one: by the decoration for the opening up

Many stores in

during the renovation of marketing is a blank, ten days of renovation period, the store is wasted, in fact People are hurrying to and fro., then you can do a conspicuous large painting, a temporary advertising spending is not a lot of advertising content can be the upcoming opening of the brand image promotion, can also be a promotional revealed shop, there is a way to save money is to pull an opening of the countdown banner, creates the customer expectation and curiosity, for the upcoming opening rally.

new store promotional skills two: borrow time for opening up

can’t believe what the opening time but auspicious occasion, it is important to choose the opening day, as far as possible to snare the most customers, caused a sensation effect, usually on a Friday and Saturday opening is the best, because these two days a week is one of the most two days shopping, but most of the time the flow of people; the customer is a herd mentality, love lively. Some shopkeepers say well, no matter how much performance today, watching people more comfortable.

new store promotional skills three: by the atmosphere for the opening campaign

The opening of

must have opened the atmosphere, let the customer know you are new, small is not in favor of what fireworks, but we must think of a way to put some blue flowers, a little quantity, otherwise there is no atmosphere; and the music is also very important, but also must have the dynamic music, no music store horrible opening when you try to stop the music, people speak loud suddenly come out, you will suddenly appear music covered the people at a loss, noise, but also increase customer safety, quietly stores make female customers lack a sense of security, is not conducive to relax shopping.

new store promotional skills four: to promote the opening of the campaign by

due to the habit of long-term development, if there is no business promotion and so on, the customer will not adapt, in fact, is not required to sell goods have much value, nor is it required to make profits. In fact, VIP card is a good way, but a lot of Manicure stores in the production of VIP card, concern is how much of a discount, and some interpretation of such words, small advice to focus on the process of collection card, from a higher level to explain the VIP card, improve the ornamental at the same time also can improve the utilization rate.

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