cigarette market in constant innovation, more and more new products into the market, however, if the promotion of these new products cannot do better, not only for customers to accept, bring more profit to operators. For this reason, the majority of cigarette dealers are reluctant to order new cigarettes, the reason is very simple, because the new cigarette is not known, not known and accepted by smokers, it is difficult to sell out.

but all cigarettes are going through this experience must also be hidden in purdah no one asked "to" a world famous ", all the new cigarette have slowly been familiar with smokers and acceptance to approval process. The process of cigarette business households can not be absent, there is no recommendation of the cigarette business households, new cigarettes can not be familiar to the majority of smokers and accept.

actually, introduction of new products is cigarette cigarette businesses can not shirk the responsibility and obligation of all cigarette businesses have the responsibility and obligation to assist the tobacco companies and cigarette cigarette factory to promote new products, so that the new cigarette smokers as soon as possible into the field of vision, for the majority of smokers are recognized and accepted. So, in the daily cigarette business, how to carry out new cigarette promotion and marketing?

1, actively ordering new cigarettes, enhance sales confidence.

for the new cigarette, our retail business in the first place should not be psychologically excluded, to allow smokers to accept new cigarettes, cigarette dealers first to accept new products from the psychological. At the time of each cigarette, retail businesses should actively order some new cigarettes, in the sale of new cigarettes, retail businesses should also enhance confidence, the initiative to promote new cigarette to customers.

as long as retail businesses do not abandon, do not give up the promotion of new products, persevere in cigarette smokers, will gradually accepted and recognized the new cigarette, the cigarette smokers into new horizons, known for the majority of smokers, and gradually open the market, become the well-known brands of cigarettes. Our retail businesses will seize the opportunity to seize the new cigarette market, improve the sales revenue of cigarettes.

two, new cigarette eye-catching display, attracting eyeballs to promote sales.

new cigarette because it is a new factory new listing of cigarettes, no awareness among smokers, so it is not concerned about smokers. Therefore, in order to attract the attention of smokers, it is necessary to work on the display. The retail merchant ordered new cigarette, the display will be the best new cigarette prominently placed in the counter, so that customers entered the shop after the first glance to see new cigarette.

At the same time,

should also actively promote new products to customers, detailing the origin, taste, specifications and characteristics of new cigarettes, so that customers produce new cigarettes is "hot smoke", "selling"

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