once talking about the sales staff, in the impression that many people should be able to feel very able to say, as far as it depends on the fly is not a sure thing. However, the success of the sales staff must be able to make customers feel tricky, so as to achieve a higher transaction volume. So, how to make customers feel reliable sales?

if the salesman can also empathy, stand in the customer’s point of view, we can find that there are many ways to guide customers to complete the transaction. Among them, let the customer feel in contact with you, you say is very reliable, will let customers trust you.

a good salesman, in the process of communication with others will gradually show a kind of attraction, so easy to establish and maintain good interpersonal relationship with others. Studies have shown that people in the evaluation of the quality of their favorite personality, the "honest" in the highest position, while the lowest rating is the word sounds dishonest.

there is no doubt that a person in order to attract others, others, to maintain good communication with others, honesty is a must have quality. Sincere treatment between people, will enable you to experience the true feelings of friendship, interpersonal relationships to the depth of development.

if a customer really wants to buy a product, he must make a lot of relevant, then the salesman must be able to clearly and accurately answer, no concealment and false. For example:

a customer wants to buy a bag of vegetable seeds, but he found that the seeds of the vegetable seed company may be good, is more expensive than others. At this time the salesperson should be aware that the customer is certainly to buy, he raised the question of the price of expensive, because they are not allowed to eat in the end what is the reason for this price difference. Clear these issues, the salesperson can sell to customers and make the following explanation: "our company’s seed purchase channels and other companies are not the same, we are from XX City Moumou famous seed company in the."

"the seed of our company is insured by People’s Insurance Company of China. If there is a quality problem, acres of compensation for the loss of 400 yuan."

assuming that every salesman can do so, the salesman will certainly leave a good impression on the customer and will continue to listen to you say.

salesman to remember, words are not sincere, the customer is heard, you showed a gentle smile, but a show "today you can’t catch the overbearing situation, will cause customers a vigilance against hide a dagger behind a smile. Of course, the best deal can be immediately, but forced to sell rather than put a long line to catch a big fish, let him go back to consider tomorrow again, perhaps this does not buy, but the next time to buy other goods.


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