now with people for life quality requirements are increasingly high, how can the achievements of his wealth, has now become a headache thing many franchisees, people now pay more attention to the details of life, Home Furnishing lighting is to enhance the quality of life of a show, so it is very profitable to open shop lighting the. So, how to join the open shop?

to open lighting shop need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1, funds. First, you should be able to determine how much money you can put into the shop, generally speaking, the city is estimated to require two or three 5-10 or more of the opening of the fund, the city needs more than a few small cities need a few. This is related to the rent, water, electricity, labor and local price level, can not be generalized. However, the removal of rent, decoration and other expenses, liquidity on hand is usually not less than 50 thousand yuan.

3, selected items. Join the opening of the lighting store, then you have to choose a good brand to join, that is, sales positioning. There are many brands of lighting, high and low points, when you need to determine what the consumer groups to determine what brand to join the project. As the operating in the low mass lighting can choose new energy-saving lamp project to join zoher.

2, location. If you do not allow the material, it is best to choose the existing building materials market around, or around the place where there is a retail lighting shop. If those good aspects are difficult to rent, you can choose to open the way to buy the building materials, of course, to facilitate the traffic as a point of view!

5, decoration. A shop decoration has a great influence on the day after the operation, so we must pay attention to. Under normal circumstances, the franchisee will join the franchisee to provide decoration design drawings, franchisees can be renovated in accordance with the drawings, if you want to design their own, you need to pay attention to the following:

(3) ceiling and wall lamp installation position should fully consider the reserved area, otherwise it is very messy, reduced shop style. Wall width of less than 0.5 meters, the ceiling grid is not less than 0.8 square meters, the conditions in the significant position should be reserved for 4-6 block size of 1 square meters headlamps;

(4) store layout to be reasonable, light or relatively large volume of products occupy the position more, and some prominent, with his product foil, corner, cylindrical can put several lights, make full use of resources.

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