in the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, now, business opportunities are not afraid, as long as people dare to practice, is the first step to success. Henan tobacco in the eight savings service for the two venture, for more young people to bring a good opportunity.

2 22 July, Henan tobacco industry limited liability company focusing on improving logistics, initiative in this part to carry out "eight saving" as the main content of the "rigorously enforce thrift, services two business activities, the two venture to boost the style of thrift and hard work of the.

"eight save", is a cost saving. Strict implementation of the cost budget system, effectively reduce travel expenses, reception fees, foreign fees and other related costs, efforts to reduce costs. Two is to save will do. To promote the opening of the meeting, opening and meeting, opening the meeting, opening the seminar, less open assembly, efforts to reduce the cost of meeting expenses. The three is to save smoke. Strict implementation of the provisions of the sample cigarette management, the company does not provide a variety of meetings within the meeting smoke.



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