O2O "and all walks of life are intertwined," entered the era of electricity providers, industry reform and innovation can keep pace with the times, chain enterprises in O2O transformation plan, and this transformation can really achieve?

1. pain point one: store electricity supplier experience store.

for modern chain stores is still a major source of corporate profits, but the performance of traditional stores has been the impact of the electricity supplier was devastated; and for enterprise development, business and investment channels is a must. This is the biggest pain point of traditional chain enterprises.

2. pain point two: store customers into the store volume, and the loss rate is high.

traditional chain stores, mostly in the downtown area and the bustling business district, the daily store traffic in a continuous line, but often do not have to purchase, customer loss; even have contributed to the purchase, the two purchase rate is relatively small; sometimes stores customers sincere service at the service, has become the enterprise customers shop.

3. three pain points: chain stores store operations, marketing and customer data is difficult to control.

traditional chain stores, each store store operations, it is difficult to collect large data marketing headquarters and stores all customer information, sometimes the error report, affect the accurate decision-making and operation.

4. pain point four: poor chain store sales.

traditional chain stores, with homogeneous business competition, especially in recent years by the impact of online shopping, pay high rents in enterprises and personnel costs.

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