in today’s entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial projects catering industry set off to join the investment boom, and as a classic project small business, open to take food stores has become the first choice of many people, but to take food stores everywhere today, how can a successful take food stores? As a senior Sichuan food shop to join the store gives the following recommendations:

take the initiative to run a restaurant franchise, please Samsung to help determine the franchise brand. Take food inspection to join the brand is not only their own field view, taste, but to please the local representative of the "gourmet", "good guy" and "bumpkin" to help the taste, identification, and evaluation of their look and feel. Then the comprehensive score concluded that as long as eighty percent of the satisfaction can be invested. This makes it possible for people to make the wrong judgment and decision because of the deviation of taste and smell. Everyone firewood high flame, this move is quite effective, these people not only become the take food stores of loyal fans, but also help them to favor the trumpeter. Star endorsement is also useful.

run food franchise business skills two, their control of the fate of the franchise model. Has been reported in the major media, to take food of the pros and cons of each other, gains and losses. In recent years, that the loss of the initiative to join the league and the voice of the increasingly thin profit. Open vegetables shop to make money more and more problems. So take the technical training and free to join the restaurant franchise favorite. In particular, like Fei Fei dish like that brand, learning technology is an endless stream of people. OTO e-commerce more valued. Senior industry analysts said: "Hua Fei take food with unique taste, simple practice, profits down at, take food technical training without reservation, do not control the core raw materials, to ensure that each franchise made products are authentic, each shop business fire explosion."

operate a take food stores is a very rewarding thing, take food franchisees to understand some business skills, and the two above action on the development of take food stores have a certain role in the promotion, in addition to these, take food franchise owner must ensure food hygiene, eating the environment has consumer price, to take the dishes, so that consumers can Lianlianbuwang, let you win.

in the current food and beverage industry, all kinds of food stores up and refresh the market share, in the face of the fierce competition in the market, so for the operators to take food franchise investment, open to take food stores must pay attention to the characteristics and individual development, to meet consumer demand, in order to truly become bigger and stronger.

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