says many people are not unfamiliar to Clay oven rolls, now, near any snacks will have different sellers and different stalls Clay oven rolls, Clay oven rolls may also have different business, two, this is so Clay oven rolls out. East side of the district has two sesame seed stalls, on the south side is a middle-aged couple, monopoly Taishan sesame seed". North is a pair of young couples, the main Beijing sesame seed. Every day after two sesame seed stalls, and sometimes buy on the one or two.

with the heart, the two different characteristics: Taishan Clay oven rolls Clay oven rolls Congxiang smell salty fresh oil. Beijing sesame cake in the fragrant crisp, soft taste. However, I can find an interesting phenomenon: to the Taishan sesame seed stalls to buy fried sesame cake is significantly less than the number of people in Beijing sesame shop, and most of them are young customers, come and go in a hurry. Beijing TanQian is Clay oven rolls those elderly customers face. Many customers would rather stand in Beijing Clay oven rolls waiting in line, nor to Taishan shop to buy Clay oven rolls.

Driven by curiosity,

decided to find out. So, go to Taishan to buy Clay oven rolls TanQian Clay oven rolls. A Clay oven rolls are middle-aged women on the board before baking, and sell Clay oven rolls is a middle-aged man Clay oven rolls. Middle aged man asked me: buy a few? I replied: 5 dollars. The middle-aged man no longer speak, give me the bag deftly handed me 5 handed over 5 yuan Clay oven rolls, I took the money, Clay oven rolls away.

second days, because it is a Sunday, I took a little granddaughter to buy Beijing Clay oven rolls TanQian Clay oven rolls. TanQian customer is still Clay oven rolls waiting in line. I looked, I stood in front of more than and 10 people. Here is the young man to do before the young woman in a Clay oven rolls, baking and selling Clay oven rolls Clay oven rolls. A young woman he deftly cooked with a smile and Clay oven rolls, while customers laughing. Listen to the conversation, mostly look at the situation and some small household affairs, and the customer is very familiar.

When it was my turn to buy

, I asked, "is there any sugar cake?" The young woman replied with a smile: "yes, who to eat?" I said, "no, my granddaughter wants to eat." The young woman asked me to say, "it’s too hot for the new hot sesame cake." I am busy thanking and saying: "your heart is fine." The young woman smiled again and said, "yes."." I handed over the money, the young woman gave me a pack of 6 sesame seed. I asked one Leng: "I want 5 yuan." The young woman smiled and said: "it seems that you do not often come to my stall to buy me 5 dollars to buy more for a."

row behind me is an old woman, the old man wants to buy ten sesame seed cake. The young woman asked, "is there anyone at home?" The old woman said: "no man, no food at home, I took a day to buy out." The young woman said: "aunt, you do not buy so many times, now eat now buy it, a cold sesame cake is not delicious. If you do not want to come out, and so my mother came over at noon I let her send you, not too far away from the right path." The old woman said happily