in the summer, there is a show can be said to be very popular, where is the Hunan TV broadcast in the third quarter of the father, of which there are many adorable adorable baby and Dad, and each set is also received a lot of attention of netizens.

recently, called "Mango Mama" friends in micro-blog broke the news, Xia Keli due back surgery out of "Daddy where" the third season, replaced by Baoqiang Wang and his daughter. Then Dad where to go, the director of the general director Xie Yan and commented: "who said." Suspected deny the father and daughter quit. After mango mother responded: the four major portals have said the headlines." Finally, Xie dikui to sentence "inaccurate" to respond to.

In fact, as early as

energy-saving interrupt recording is not because of Xuan Xuan

As for the users of the

to replace Baoqiang Wang said, brokers said on micro-blog "today, Dad where to go from the beginning of the first quarter and we are closely linked, for three years, we decided to join this big family, we intend to participate in the program throughout the season, but due to fractures and other reasons for the delay to join, we can only participate in the final half of the season this is where Dad, since its launch has never been, thank you very much for the trust and love of our program group Bao Qiang and Nana. Miss Xia Keli was injured and we are very sad, after two times of recording, we get along well with each other, and there is no alternative who said, if to replace others, we will not agree. Finally, I hope that Xia Keli will recover soon! "

In fact,

now the whole network is an open form, at the same time, people’s speech is very free, in such a network environment, many netizens still should be recommended

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