is now due to the domestic market of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial environment have become very good at the same time, local governments are also actively build business platform for people, so to attract a lot of Taiwan and Taiwan entrepreneurs to venture and investment.

19, the thirteenth Jiangxi Taiwan (Yichun) economic and trade cooperation and Cultural Exchange Conference (hereinafter referred to as the thirteenth Yichun) will be opened in Jiangxi province. The opening ceremony, the leaders of Jiangxi province Yichun Taiwan youth entrepreneurship base awarding, provide more solid for Taiwan youth to Jiangxi entrepreneurial opportunities and stage.

once a year "Jiangxi Taiwan", opened a window for the cooperation and exchange of Gan Po and the island of Taiwan, has built a bridge of emotional fusion. It is understood that, from 2003, the first Taiwan will be held so far, the general assembly has become an important platform for cross-strait exchanges and dialogue, consensus, enhance feelings, strengthen cooperation. "Gan Taiwan" has gone through 12 glorious spring, 12 "Jiangxi Taiwan" were invited to Taiwan more than 1 participants, signed 832 cooperation projects, the contract amount of $28 billion 700 million in Taiwan, known as the central region of Taiwan and the most influential cultural event.


the Taiwan Affairs Office of Jiangxi Province, the thirteenth session of Jiangxi and Taiwan will be the theme of development and upgrading, deepen cooperation, outstanding youth, harmonious family". The conference will be held during the series of green industry cooperation, cooperation Jiangxi Taiwan strategic emerging industry fair, Jiangxi and Taiwan cooperation in the modern service industry cooperation Fair, Jiangxi Modern Agricultural Industry Fair, Jiangxi Taiwan Tourism Industry Cooperation Fair, Jiangxi Taiwan textile and new materials industry cooperation forum and other activities.

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was set up in Yichun Taiwan youth entrepreneurship base is to provide better service for some entrepreneurial young entrepreneurs in Taiwan better, in order to promote the development of the local social entrepreneurship and employment.


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