in the national public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, the active call, a lot of people embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, the process may be difficult, but the fruits of harvest is very sweet. Enter the rice harvest season, a golden carpet embellished in the rural landscape, Daoxiang xiren. In the town of Shehong County, a family of firewood next to the village of rice paddies in the village, Chun Xi, a family of farmers, the operation of the combine harvester harvesting rice, Tian Ying. In the nearly 1000 acres of family farms, the 80 back home farming women’s youth and sweat planted their entrepreneurial dream.

flew out of the farm woman came back

Chai village is located in remote, high mountain ditch folder. In 1996, Tian Ying graduated from school to go out to work. Because she is willing to endure hardship, good study, and soon by a migrant workers to enhance the management of the workshop, the treatment has been greatly improved.

however, Tian Ying did not meet the workers follow the prescribed order of life, her heart is eager to return home, led the villagers to get rich, to realize their value of life, she had accumulated many years of migrant work for life experience and personal will temper.

home business, from which aspects to start a business? 2014, after 18 years of hard work outside Tian Ying, with entrepreneurial dreams and go out to learn the experience of technology, set foot on the road home. Back to the Chai Jia Gou Cun Jin Jia Zhen Tian Ying, found that young people in the village are the migrant workers, large tracts of uncultivated land, no farming, her heart also had a question: "everybody out of the village, they come back? Do you have a place to display your talents?"


chose to stay, and believe that the dream is at her feet, in this land.

a good occupation of farmers annual income of nearly 300 thousand yuan will be Bentou "agriculture industry, new farmers will be a good occupation, the countryside is beautiful homes become live and work in peace……" At the beginning of 2015, the town was recommended to participate in the field of new vocational farmers training classes, she is more firmly rooted in the confidence of rural development. Through the study, Tian Ying successfully got a new professional farmers certificate.

one day after dinner, Tian Ying and more than and 60 year old father sitting in the yard. "The farmer is to rely on the land to live, his father’s words let her click into place:" the village land did not race, why don’t I do a family farm?"

Tian Ying’s idea has been the support of the family. Before long, Tian Ying’s family farm built up, the main development of breeding industry. Orderly transfer of land through the scale, to expand the scale of planting and breeding, and combined with the actual use of free grain crops, Chun Xi family farms 10 acres of fish ponds, rice cultivation of 265 acres, corn recommended by the 3

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