McDonald’s recent activities frequently, in order to make public the new products and new policy focus to McDonald’s, McDonald’s has since changed a Nvzhang, has introduced new rules, to attract a lot of customers.

this style, or will become a new style of McDonald’s China, also is the experience of her deepest stage. Zhang Jiayin stepped. 2014, McDonald’s into food safety incidents. August 2014, Zhang Jiayin served as managing director of china. So far, McDonald’s has not yet recovered to the peak state. And the new helm, is planning to use their two other styles – diversification and results driven to save the dilemma.

"standard" in which

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"innovation" is the highest frequency words appear during the interview. "In the future, I would like to build McDonald’s experiential brand." This is Zhang Jiayin McDonald’s future under the latest comments, "in the past, we are talking about is not standardized, hope the restaurant is uneven, clean, quality, service, but now we are talking about personalization, CYT (McDonald’s new custom burger) as an example, it is still a standard the process platform, but the creative license to the customer."

CYT is the first Zhang Yin "works" after he took office, the concept known as "shop I record I smell" introduced the concept of customized burgers, provide 24 ingredients available for consumers to collocation, June 2015 landing in Shanghai, October 15th opened the first store in Southern China in Guangzhou concept. This project, decided to do in December 2014, only half a year will be formally launched".

"results driven" is another of her style. After the on-line store in Shanghai, CYT has been able to account for 15% to 20% of sales revenue, and in accordance with the preliminary plan, CYT will cover the first tier cities 15%~>

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