we all know, since the automatic acquisition software was invented, he has been one of the numerous grassroots webmaster site tools necessary! A new station has been completed, but the total can not appear empty! In a short period of time to make a very rich original! Unless you are a diamond bachelor, please vote for professionals in making original! A person’s energy is limited! So can only rely on the automatic acquisition tool! Good! The whole space can rub card fill


today I want to say is not automatically collecting benefits! Everyone knows that he has what good! I got hold of it is because the personal experience that things on the site is not possible! Is good for users, extensive content! But today countless webmaster may not standing in the real user to consider something! Are thinking of so do their optimization! This is a contradiction, how good and bad! Please prawns shrimp drifting across the road to listen to me slowly.

on my own website as an example, we can in what I am going to describe the contents of site to see if you will understand! I just built the site when not now like this, was originally intended to make a source trading website, because I have thousands of sets of templates sold in Taobao, I personally put the source of all goods to explain the label name bar! Large quantities of people now know as can be imagined, it is truly original. Although the value of the user is not very high, but from the perspective of optimization to pay attention to is not the same, you can see the site: I had been included in the content of the goods, all not a leak were included, and very detailed, update soon! This is my unexpected statement:! At that time I also did not contact the following is my SEO! Give me some detours do website optimization, for your reference, only personal views.

when contacting SEO, the psychological side feels that if it has been optimized. On site will go up, volume naturally go up! In order to get more clicks! I put the whole website originally not good-looking make only superficial changes! Is now neat, beautiful, rich content that natural needless to say! With the automatic gathering the content now! Is at least 1000 times before! What is the


site the results we also know, I am so much rich content, so for a long time, the number of the major search engines is not to me before the original, during which time and experience has greatly exceeded my original.

the last bit of advice: automatic acquisition, but it is best to look a little change, or re arrange the layout! So others thing not into their own it? Although the quantity will be larger, but for the sake of their own site quickly included. Spend a little time for what! Or make some absolutely original, such things are the most precious things on the site.

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