many novice webmaster will enter such a vicious circle: hard do stand, update every day, and insist on pseudo original, a cycle, the site will be the major search engine included. The novice webmaster to start some edgy, a victory will make the mind faint. In the daily routine update is finished, the novice Adsense looking at his station is more see more happy, always want to make their station more beautiful, and some webmaster even began to worry about their website keywords not hot enough. As a result, the novice station master is not proficient in his skills and experience, began to search the Internet for templates, popular rankings and the like, and when he found it, he did not hesitate to change everything that made him satisfied.

you asked the novice webmaster afraid that it will be the engine punishment, in fact he is afraid, but listen to this or that change is a small webmaster said of no great importance. You are completely mistaken, do the same action, the engine can not find? Especially the engine algorithm is more and more advanced today, soon, novice webmaster will find themselves on the front page of the site disappeared in the engine, no matter how SITE, always could not find a novice who stay, novices silly. The rookie began to beat his regret that the site has just started on the move the dynamic stability.

in view of such a novice webmaster too much, can’t help writing today, when the novice webmaster home page by K, how do you quickly remedy?.

1, found by K reasons, timely recovery to normal when included. Home page is K, often have the following causes: change title, change template, link joint and several. The title of a web site if the engine first sight of you, if you put your face was battered, the engine can recognize you? In your identity not determined before, of course he will you from his memory. Template replacement, also belongs to the mechanical of engine that you are the other people, especially some optimization is not a very good template, after use will let the engine puzzled, not K you K? Link joint is the most common problems, a station is K, and you have to do a link to each other, the engine behoove to you and the K stood grouped together. So, found the home page by K, first of all is found out by K reason, can go to the next step.

2, proceed to amend the cause. Changes in the title, in the premise of not more than 72 hours under the changed back, don’t worry about the key problems, stand by K, key words still exist? If more than 72 hours, it is recommended not to move the title, let him to be, otherwise it is doomed eternally, day after day update within a week, at least to ensure that the home page has new content, this new title will be recognized. Change the template led to the home page is K, in fact, is the simplest and most easy to restore, as long as the exchange was included in the template can be. Link joint problems are also easy to solve, using tools to find out if there is a connection in the station by K, and then delete the link.

3, after restitution, proceed with the aftermath. Restore your site to >

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