said, "today is a time when experience is king, not at all.".

consumer who may have felt today, consumers’ right to speak more and more strong, if you are doing well, soon if you are word of mouth; do well, will soon be condemning. All this is inconceivable in the past. But today, everyone can publish information, everyone’s voice, even weak, can always be heard. In the Internet age, the success of the product, the user experience has become a key, the user bought your product, not with you to end the transaction. On the contrary, when the user picks up your product when using your product, user experience tour began, and the user experience is good, will directly affect your reputation, affect your sales.

has a Scott McKain of Americans encountered such a thing: he went to the United States a city to a group of business leaders to make a speech, but unfortunately, his suit suitcase into another airline flight. So he tried to call the men’s brand store called Men Warehouse s to prepare his suit on the phone. McKain had known the brand before, but never bought its clothes, but this emergency service allowed McKain to become a loyal customer of the brand.

is very simple, because the Men ‘s Warehouse rapid response, the clothing quality is quite good, at the same time provides the Navy with two carbon black suit for him to choose, let him not only the completion of the speech, and completely beyond his expectations.

Scott MaKain is the "commercial show" the author of the book, in fact, I think this book English name better and more direct: "All Business Is SHOW Business", in which all industries are entertainment. He believes that all industries should be to the entertainment industry, the most important thing is not to sell products, but to sell the user experience.

entertainment is a very mysterious industry, for example, you spend $100 to Las Vegas to see a show, or to spend 70 dollars to see the 3D version of the "Titanic" came out, although it was a lot of fun, left with nothing whatsoever, even boasted to the relatives and friends. In fact, the entertainment industry is selling two words: experience. It has no physical object to sell, so the experience must be studied to the limit. In addition to the feeling at that time and the later memory, nothing is gained. Like Disney, Picks, the Berlin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, and Cirque du Soleil, the magician David Copperfield, and so on, they are all top-notch user experience sales gurus.

commercial show, which I read in early years, was a great inspiration to me. Work in the Internet industry for more than 10 years, experienced many failures and setbacks, more and more understanding of the importance of user experience. >

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