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discussed the most is the network, this line has become more and more difficult, has come to the winter of the Internet, ready to withdraw from the team, and so on, very thorough analysis, seem as if to stay in perfectly logical and reasonable, the Internet is like a day wasted one day, no longer it is too late to escape the feeling, is it really so serious? Let us carefully analyze the psychological factors of these people.

one, these people are enthusiastically put into this team, the Internet blueprint is too beautiful and perfect. It seems as long as the input to the Internet can overnight overnight, overnight became the Internet leader all-powerful. And the reality is not so, even from the desire of the value of thousands of miles, it will inevitably be lost, it will inevitably produce winter feeling. But please don’t forget, the Internet and other media, just a media, he could not completely replace the TV, it is impossible to completely replace the print media, they are equal, or is said to be later to squeeze to the media family, it is not necessary to God, the Internet is not a panacea and it has the characteristics of it, but it also has its limitations, so it is still some rational look at the newborn, the bubble era has passed, the blind stage has passed, the Internet also return to the rational stage, the rational view.

two, these people look more pessimistic, give you a few examples, we all know that this year from the start of the year to now all the ups and downs, the first is to not occur even in a hundred years of snow disaster; Tibet riots heinous; then is sad concentric Wenchuan 8 earthquake; then is frightful to the ear milk scandal. One time all the Chinese are weaned. However, the governments at all levels have taken all kinds of positive measures, and the development of China has not stopped. The Olympic Games in Beijing are exciting. The success of the 7 manned spaceship is more exciting to the Chinese people. I think so is the Internet, on the road of development will inevitably lead to various unfavorable factors, but the key is we these people how to take measures to change the way of thinking, innovation, make the Internet again, I think after some setbacks, the pace of Internet will go more steady, bold.

three, another factor, to the end of the year, all walks of life into the end, which summarizes and plans for the next year, the Internet will inevitably ignore this one, so feels like winter, after all, the Internet is also an industry, and other industries do not have what different, why can’t we summarize this year, next year plans and preparations.

colleagues advise you don’t complain, complain that the environment is not well, so similar to the winter sigh. Or to act quickly, to explore their ability and cleverness, develop their own ideas, development of the Internet is still waiting for you by.

the Internet doesn’t have winter. Winter is just an excuse for some people

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