Obama is the first black president of the United States, while netizens say Obama is the world’s first Internet president". Because, in the election of Obama, make full use of the Internet to canvass. Many people believe that Obama’s election, and its unique internet marketing is not unrelated. Even with Obama’s election, the Internet played a decisive role.

many domestic marketing experts in the study of "Obama case", the Internet industry has also conducted in-depth study of Obama’s election. Obama, the name has hooked up with the internet. And I, as a marketing practitioners, but also as an Internet industry’s concern, from Obama’s election, to see some worthy of China’s Internet industry to learn the ingredients.

Obama’s election, in fact, is the use of SNS. On Facebook, I received some news from my friends and asked me to support Obama. Unfortunately, I am a Chinese citizen and can not give an actual vote. But on the Internet, I still gave my support. Why would I trust my friends and support Obama because the SNS in the United States, in contrast, gives more realism?. A lot of friends, I know each other through friends. So I don’t worry about cheats.

, and from the domestic SNS point of view, I have not been very promising. I’ve tried some, but I don’t usually use it for long. For me, the reality of making friends is very important. If there is no sense of reality, I will never go on. So, in China, I rarely go to SNS. At present, most of the domestic SNS entertainment routes. Every day I get an invitation to a lot of applications, and there are invitations to a wide variety of games that I hate. If you want to play the game, I will select the game, why in the dating site disorderly waste of time? In the actual dating function, do not pay attention to the true feelings, just blindly add applications, like online games development path. Online games do not pay attention to the physical and mental health, only pay attention to attract people, so many people obsessed. SNS do not pay attention to the friend, only pay attention to the game, we can make love


I see Chinese SNS, the only thing that makes me feel real is YAHOO. At first, it was because YAHOO sent me an inquiry to get the message. YAHOO made a detailed survey of our mailbox users and heard some of our comments on SNS. I wish I had a better SNS in China, and I did the survey. After the official on-line, YAHOO relations invited me to join, I will go in and have a try. From experience, I can find the reality of facebook. A lot of mail friends can find it on it. Because of this, I am absolutely true. Many of my friends, most of whom are friends, give me full confidence. I am a man who dislikes falsehood. I like truth and pursue truth. So, for the likes of Facebook >

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