attaches great importance to many webmaster website backstage data analysis, data analysis to fine tune the website, but ignore the analysis of web server log, some owners believe that the server log analysis is not important, there is no analysis, this is because they do not know to enhance network ranked server log analysis, today Taiyuan SEO learning network to read the server log broke beyond the competitors:

1. User access

1, the user’s IP address,

2, access time

3, what browser


4, which page

is accessed?

5, access success,

through the web log, you can clearly understand the user at what IP, what time, which operating system to use, what browser to access the website which page, and whether access to success and other data.

enhance the website ranking secret: through access track users can know the user love website which a column, page, and then put them first show to the user, this is what we often say the website fine-tuning.

two, spider crawl

1, do spiders have access to


search engine spiders which we all know it, if it is domestic users would see Baidu, 360, Sogou spider is on time to do foreign trade site visit, we should pay attention to whether the time to visit the Google spider, we should always pay attention to the new line after visiting spider records, if found the spider didn’t come then to check the website of the robots file settings if there is a problem.

attention: new station’s log if appear this Baidu spider IP:121.14.89.*. Said that the new station has cast off the new station inspection period, you can rest assured that continue efforts.

2, which directories

are grabbed?

by spiders crawl the web site directory, see the website important directory is crawling, if the directory is not grab, see is not the site within the chain is not wrong, you need to make adjustments to the site within the chain, if the site within the chain is no problem on the need to increase the site outside the chain, guide the spider to grab.

note: if you do not want some meaningless directory or do not want spiders to grab information, it is recommended to use robots shield.

3, grab what pages, pictures,

is like a page or a photo for some visitors will also have their own love of all ages, spiders crawl the page, pictures, so that I can analyze these pages of pictures and other pages have what different, provide a reference for other pages, image optimization.

note: for spiders do not grab the page, you can see whether these pages appear page repetition, URL is not standardized and so on.

4, >

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