for the owner, the importance of traffic is self-evident, and because people already on Taobao more likely to have network clearing means, so Taobao station traffic is more important to the store owner. Well, what are the Taobao web traffic matching rules,


often asked me how the Taobao station traffic matching rule is, how can enhance some popularity, a number of business opportunities?.

through a number of surveys and depth data analysis, I summed up the understanding of Taobao shop traffic matching rules:

1. Taobao for all kinds of activities, resources and support all kinds of activities investment efforts are quite large, with the improvement of credit has increased traffic, to participate in various activities organized by the Taobao official is the fastest way to improve the flow, of course, also be prepared, activities of goods is almost impossible to make money, but to invest a lot of energy to maintain product information in order to avoid the waste of resource, should see it as a part of the shop construction cost.

2. Pu and consumer protection, Wang Pu flow priority reflected in the display thumbnails of the catalogue, the display mode is only extracted Pu data, various types of consumer protection is the user’s choice to increase the flow of goods, consumer protection is often easier to attract users to click.

3., according to the credit grade, this is actually Taobao an incentive for high credit rating, after all activities such as both are likely to become popular service fees need follow-up support, but buyers preferred to search high credit rating shop merchandise, will also increase the confidence of Taobao.

4. by the end of time, end time, from nearly a priority, because automatic shelves only once, and then back on the shelves requires manual maintenance, if you only want to put an end to get some short time to maintain the goods has been on the shelf, often need to maintain their own goods, this is a kind of active encouragement of Taobao the seller.

5. according to the online time matching, to encourage more use of the owner and buyers want to communicate, and less with the help of other communication tools, nature is the reason why, in order to promote their products, but also want to remind some security measures, also compared with other communication tools. After all, specifically for the network for trading.

know these rules, it should know, in Taobao do business, to enhance popularity, there are several ways:

1. if you average value is relatively high (such as a single, reaching two hundred) can buy train advertising, according to my statistics, an average of three hundred hits (including machine search engine browsing) can bring about a deal, if you average value is relatively low, do not buy, will lose money (this is about the train advertising Raiders repeatedly stressed, to see the commodity value and gross profit level of their own).

2. to participate in activities, pay attention to the activities of the official release of Taobao information, participate in several events, to enhance the credit rating up to get the credit rating after matching flow >

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