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statement is not well written, because I did not write, we want to take the shot. To be honest, I every day on the Internet every day to stay in the mix, the online time call super imagination, can always see some QQ spam or sending a message, say what can make money, how much money. I do not believe in the beginning, because I too believe this network.

you often assume things is good, because your circle is too small, as Mr. Wang Xianbiao said, if you want to open shop, in the hundreds of your friends, you can not find the source if you live too failed. I should reflect on. 07 years of contact with the network, the beginning of the end of that SEO is what, later met several webmaster friends, just know do stand to make money, slowly, I picked up the Po network formally established, but how to extend into my heart. Ah, ah. Although the location of pain in the Taobao customer, temporarily can earn a living, but not a long-term plan, IT can not be a lifetime of work, to find their way out to the point when the boss. You can’t ask us to do IT’s job as a construction site owner. No matter what you do, you can’t hang on the line with your bank. So choosing an online store is definitely no money. You’ll have to listen to me this time.

Wang said, and in the group of South Korea’s national online transactions 3/4, but in China, 1/10? You can imagine, a e-commerce website in Chinese how much profit. How strong the development of space. Others say that in early twenty-first Century is IT years, and eventually IT fire into a bubble, a few years ago is the property year, and now it will soon become a bubble. The next few years, I heard it was an energy year. Why not e-commerce? E-commerce is not always a fire? Yes, because e-commerce is a protracted war. It won’t bubble. Ha ha, say a joke.

Taobao customers grow up with Taobao. If you open an online store, you can worry less about it. At least you don’t have to worry about Taobao’s strategy any day. If you open an online shop, how to open a web site, not to say that you can open, you have to locate. Today, Mr. Wang said, the best to locate themselves for which industry, is to do an experiment. Select a few you are interested in buying on Taobao, in a month, you take the transaction records and browsing out, do a statistics on it out, you are suitable for which line, certainly turnover will be high. After positioning, you have to start, and do not have the strength of the first to do on Taobao, after all, we believe that many of Taobao, I believe that this treasure less net. As you slowly in Taobao has accumulated a number of stable customers when you open a shop or wangcheng. Of course, if you want to make a big thing, you can change your website from domestic trade to domestic and foreign trade. Towards the international market. You must be the big boss this time. Don’t forget my Xi Li Ge when you drive the BMW.

it’s easy to say, it’s difficult to do. Where’s my spring? The China Ministry of industry, when can you let us grass and stationmaster go out?.

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