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as a webmaster, the most urgent thing is how to make the website into profitability, we began to put in into revenue, so as to realize the value and return to do stand in this respect. However, the reality is if we for some technology, especially SEO and website promotion knowledge is not enough to know, not enough to grasp, the result is often do stand for a long time but also it is difficult to achieve profitability goals, not to mention a quick profit.

careful analysis and summary, in fact, is not necessarily a problem in do not understand the technology, but do not open the ideas, the site did not find the correct development of ideas, and at the level of thinking he was destined to do by standing in a relatively short period of time to achieve the goal of profit. Therefore, before doing the station, do a good job of thinking ideas of homework, so as to make the station to develop the line of planning, and find a suitable for their own station, profitable road.

in most of the time, we do stand for the definition of "narrow", often do too much of the station is limited to the site itself is through the alliance advertising, pop ads and other money, and this is just the most profitable station do foundation, one level is the most simple, to do the station profitable road widening and it is necessary to broaden their thinking, to explore and form a more diversified profit model, so that the profit diversification, not only rely on the website hanging on the way of advertising alliance this "heaven" way to make money. Here, I would like to share with you the "cross-border thinking" in the application of ideas on the website profits, through the use of cross-border thinking, so that we do station station to achieve a more diversified profit.

the first from the "cross-border thinking about itself, the thinking source of business model and products from the western modern design process, meaning that the business model development and product design process, to break the existing traditional mode, the more diversified mode and design idea can be integrated in. The product or business model has become more diversified, not only can give customers more surprise and novelty, but also by virtue of this innovative products to win more customers and increase profit.

the "cross-border thinking" thought is applied to the website development process, needs the webmaster to give full play to their ability and cleverness, combined with their own resources and materials, the website as a platform, a "grafting" can be integrated into more other elements of the platform, and innovation in this integration profit the channels and modes, find more ways to make money, so the profit has become more diversified. Here are some specific ideas for application:

The application of "

" and "cross boundary thinking" in educational websites.

object oriented education sites often focus on schools, in addition to many pro forma examination community, in the face of these different but consistent classification of background objects, how to attract and retain them through the website, even through its legitimate profit is the application of cross-border thinking.

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