yesterday, I wrote a website brand image, what should be paid attention to? Simple analysis of the importance of website brand image and create brand image of the website should pay attention to. At the end of this paper have emphasized the webmaster do not remember the complacent, today to talk about the webmaster do the transformation and development of the problem.

An economic crisis

08 years has caused great impact to Chinese economy, coupled with the snowstorm, 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, long-term downturn in the stock market, the economic situation is not optimistic, especially some of the southern city, more and more foreign enterprises, many companies are in a wide range of staff. Every year, millions of graduates are under pressure from employment. With the economic downturn, it is easy to join the entrepreneurial force, but the answer is: NO. If easy business than employment, the recruitment will not crush. Many graduates choose to join the grassroots webmaster army, they are carrying a dream, hoping to create a world of their own on the internet. Similarly, there are people from all walks of life joining the army.

although the Internet industry is not affected by the economic crisis, it has maintained a relatively fast growth momentum. But for stationmaster, especially grass root stationmaster, this is opportunity and challenge. Just imagine, gradually popular in the concept of WEB2.0, e-commerce began to mature, the social networking site SNS has become increasingly popular, vertical industry and local portal website of information growing for 09 years, the opportunity may at any time into a crisis. There are too many sites on the rise, there are more sites in disappear, plus more and more college students to join the ranks of the past master entrepreneurs, relaxed and harmonious circle became fierce competition. In last month’s 2009 annual meeting of Internet owners, how to become more profitable has become the theme of 09 years, and only constantly adapt to the new changes in the Internet, in order to continue to develop and profitability.

but there are many webmasters who haven’t really realized how they’re going to develop. We all know that the main source of income for small and medium-sized Adsense is the advertising alliance, and the website mainly depends on traffic and content. But with the economic crisis led to reduced advertising, advertising alliance also will fade, even if your traffic is high, is also facing no ads can be hung without additive alliance dilemma! Another movie video website is very high to the traffic demand just is also facing the pressure of copyright licensing, so how to transition to seek new the profit pattern of imminent.

but some stationmaster is still guarding his poor flow, every day take leave of doing promotion and optimization. In that case, if you’re just trying to make zero money, you don’t need to think about any transition or development. But if you want your web site to earn more money, will expand the scale of second, or even third such sites, Adsense nets satisfied think must not hold the status quo, the complacent attitude do stand, and should hold a developing attitude, not satisfied with the status quo > Website

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