Abstract: O2O car company to be in an invincible position, except that Internet Co has characteristics, operation of thinking, more attention should be paid to the market and the needs of the user pain points of attention and breakthrough, more and more professional, more extreme. Car O2O rules of the game is not king enclosure, but the operation is king.


‘s recent hot list of O2O deaths on the Internet has given the O2O industry a hot spell of ice water, triggering a rethink. Among them, the automobile O2O industry is more thought-provoking. Data show that the Chinese car O2O market, including taxi, car, car, driving on behalf of the market are very broad, there are hundreds of billions, trillions, why so many cars O2O

company to become cannon fodder?Several

car O2O death not the most common

backed Godfather


reached the car O2O company is nothing more than these types of situations: one is the internet background, proficient in technology, through a platform to subvert the traditional industry, being called the Internet, this play is the mainstream of the industry. The other one is the traditional automobile industry knows, even with the traditional industry of the company, and then "Internet plus". Why are there two cases of death? The following are the reasons:

Internet faction stressed that staking the land, in the shortest possible time to obtain scale advantages, establish market base and establish a competitive threshold. Therefore, if the starting time is not early, requires behind capital and godfather of strength is strong enough, have enough cash to cultivate the market, expand the scale of subsidies to users, catch up from behind in the market.

currently, the car O2O market, BAT three giants were dabbled in drops, fast, Uber three taxi projects, so the taxi platform basically no opportunity to speak of. But in the generation market, E-Drive timely use of policies and market window period, 4 years of operation has done enough to scale to occupy 70-90% share in the vertical market, for newcomers, chances are slim.

is not difficult to find that the Internet sent car O2O, often die in no backing or cut the godfather; the wrong time to scale success. However, another easily overlooked, is the traditional industry understanding and operation is not in place, the occupation of the market, but does not give the user the continuous, reliable and high-quality service, in addition to subsidies, not what advantage. While the subsidy is not a permanent solution. Therefore, can not form a virtuous circle, bigger and stronger.

traditional automotive industry cut into O2O, often brain into the Internet, and the body is still in the tradition. Show is the capital investment and the pace is too small, the market marketing is awesome. Because too conservative, or finally die, or rely on traditional industries to support the survival of embarrassment.

and overall, the death of car O2O is the worst lesson

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