with the development of the Internet industry, more and more enterprises realize the importance of the website, at the same time as a website external display window of the enterprise also began to receive the attention of the user, to find what the Internet search cable, a few seconds to show in front of their own, so convenient so many people are not willing to go to the library to read the data in what ROBIN said, remember it, said he seldom reads after graduation, basically what you need to get this knowledge on the Internet can, ha ha, a little pull away, back then as rushed in front of information the enterprise how can we do this? This is undoubtedly we draw a question mark.

did so many years of network, from the ignorant of this aspect of the enterprise, to have this consciousness, to pay attention to, I have personal experience, just beginning to do a website, the enterprise to do this kind of animation, animation, the entire site made as illustrated, look at the eyes of Rao, not much however, there are still not know the development of their own network marketing companies, many SEO experts believe, should the website construction and SEO combination, not blindly emphasizes individual consciousness, expert opinion is very important, we must first consider the search engine to put our individual consciousness, no matter you is the enterprise boss, or the president of the company, people did not listen to you that, in fact SEO what time into the website is very important, determines the site optimization effect is good and bad, look below A:

from the time when we enter the website construction industry have been exposed to this kind of case, a construction site after a long time, researchers found that the construction site management of enterprises is not much help, because there is no access to, and thus lost the front said a platform to show the effect of. Experts believe that in the construction site after forming to the detailed optimization of a certain degree of damage to the site, especially large commercial websites, the overall program structure, directory, planning, has been formed, it is hard to change. There are many customers in the website, talk to him about optimization, in order to save money, tell me

do not do now, other sites are finished, run for a period of time to do, it will be very troublesome, for example: program and directory path also determined after setting, if in the static, dynamic path will be invalid in the previous reference search engine and other sites, which cannot be set to visit! The directory determines the path length of the optimization is the price to pay. There are so many losses also need to optimize web site management, we give the suggestion is to optimize, only after the optimization of the site is greater than the total living space, become garbage on the network is much better.

is going to the construction site of the Foshan business friends here a suggestion, looking for a good while to understand the whole optimization of website construction, and jointly build a website design program to help. A lot of advice will be given, such as: >

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