this year, the new line of some hard management of the site, I almost have tracking observation, see how others operate a media, one to my own learning, for a year after the foundation of entrepreneurship. Secondly, I will write what I see is worth studying and write it down and share it with our grass roots webmaster. The first thing I’m going to talk about today is tiger sniffing. This site is a hot spot in the TMT field for the past six months.


tiger sniffing network launched in May 2012 I have paid attention to this website, first not talk about the function and content of the website, first talk about how I know this website, and why I decided to focus on this website. I don’t remember in which science and technology blog Links point to the tiger sniffing the network, a starting point in feel disdain, is a technology blog, this technology blog similar too much, I do not have a good impression on them, the reason is very simple because the technology in most excited blog I’m not interested, but their contents are similar.

, but what really impressed me about this site was that I clicked on the bottom of tiger sniffing, about us". The following words are presented to me:

, Q: what does "tiger sniffing" mean? What is the website’s location?

A: Congratulations! You are not a young man of literature and art. The young people in art and literature know that golden sentence: "the tiger is in the heart, and the smell of the rose is fine."". Why do you want to congratulate me? Because you are not a literary young man! That’s the place for business youth.

tiger stands for business; smell is natural sense of smell. We will focus on the most active series of star companies and people in the market, sniffing the company smell with you and sniffing the trend. Detail, inside story, material and topic. Our aim is to increase the efficiency of users’ acceptance of business information. The first area we cut into: technology and the internet. "


to tell you the truth, just enter the website, I do not have the "tiger sniffing network" and "heart of the tiger sniffs the rose" together, let them explain that I think that is such a website to remember this. In addition the tiger sniffing the network domain name is also good, five Larry, easy to remember.

through the above gives us some enlightenment to the site webmaster, the name will be smooth, and it is best to let the rich meaning, typically overnight visitors would remember your site. When choosing a domain name and the webmaster must carefully chosen, I suggest using Pinyin domain name, a name is the first step to build a website, choose a good domain name is not to regret after.


today, I was in the official communication QQ group on this website. I asked netizens how they knew the tiger sniffing network, and most of them were in micro-blog. Indeed, many of the content of this site is spread by celebrities on micro-blog, as I see Li

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