, cherished network, has appeared three hegemony in China dating sites in the industry situation, especially after the Jiangsu satellite launch If You Are The One, Jiayuan and became the dark horse, the fast growth in the marriage industry, and the industry under the original online active intermediary marriage that is moved to the Internet good, but the profit pattern is very clear, that is the two sides to charge membership fees, to know that the network is free even if the marriage is also very difficult to obtain the user, and now want to find happiness in marriage network partner, spend some money many people still believe that like.

but the passage of time, only less than three years, was once very popular dating website operation seems not so happy, the profit level showed a declining trend, many on the Internet dating sites and re open the intermediary model line, such as lily network, now in our country a lot of hit TV drama often see the online intermediary organization Lily network blind assembly, these giants have suffered marriage in the process of operation is difficult, for many small and medium-sized dating sites, especially the grassroots dating sites such as the yuan net more is difficult.

then what causes the dating websites of former owners to become poor? I think there are three main reasons for this dilemma.

first has a natural sense of fear about the internet. Because marriage have to pay attention to, when all the good will for the rest of his place in the virtual Internet website, for fear of the unknown will arise spontaneously, especially often there are news reports on dating sites have finally Piancaipianse story, so many people have to seriously consider whether so hard to find the rest of his life living on dating sites.

second has a relatively low success rate on love and marriage websites. As society increasingly fast pace of life, people seem to have less leisure time to talk about love, some enterprising men and women seem to marriage as a common mode of living, for the marriage of love seems to look more pale, so a lot of people flocked to the Internet looking for a partner, but this after all the people in the society of our country is still in the small part, and registered in the marriage network of men and women although the purpose is to get married, but in the process towards marriage or to enjoy the love of moisture. It is the demand among these users there is diversity, coupled with different places, non city and other factors, so that the success of online marriage is relatively small.

third mobile Internet social tools have a huge impact on the marriage network. WeChat once is to change the social tools, from now on development of social networking tools, WeChat is apparently defeated micro-blog, WeChat has the generalization tendency, while micro-blog began to step into the blog, segmentation of the road to go. WeChat’s circle of friends makes the social networking function of love and marriage sites dispensable, so marriage is already known through WeChat’s circle of friends

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