these days have seen many owners in the condemnation of 360 browser, 360 browser is contained in the online shopping assistant plugin can be webmaster Taobao customer rebate code clear, resulting in the operation of Taobao webmaster can’t get off the normal shop fee rebate. To tell the truth, the author of pure Taobao customers really do not look good. Before many webmaster said, I built Taobao off with what program? How to promote the Taobao customer? A domain name, a set of procedures, without any substantive content, only for users with other online shopping platform to buy goods. This model is indeed debatable.

some people say, someone else’s website, do Taobao customers a month can earn tens of thousands of pieces. Yes, Youku one month do Taobao can get hundreds of thousands of passengers, but Youku he simply Taobao off platform? It’s really still do content, only Taobao off him a profitable channel, and for a monthly cost of tens of millions of websites, with hundreds of thousands a month do you think Taobao rebate many? If 360 browser plug-ins affect its earnings, it can immediately replace Taobao off the ads, but if you are a simple Taobao guest website? What do you change? So as a webmaster, if you really want to take the development of a website, in the business of their website at first, you should have a rational thinking of the future, at the beginning of the site should earnestly consider the following:

1, is the stability of the upper and lower streams?. Upstream and downstream stability, only a website can continue to go down the necessary conditions, the stability of the downstream, so that the site can continue to have users, traffic, upstream stability, allowing the site to continue to profit. For Taobao customers, that is, belong to the upper and lower reaches of the instability. For this type of website, the beginning of the site should have a clear understanding and a good attitude. Because guerrilla warfare is basically guerrilla warfare, it is difficult to maintain stability and continuity, as there are too many unstable factors. For example, this 360 browser plug-in, it seriously interferes with the normal operation of such sites, which belongs to the third party instability. It may also include instability in Taobao, Taobao, shopkeepers, buyers, and so on. Any factor is beyond the control of the master. And because the website has too many factors that cannot be controlled, it means that your website is not competitive indeed. It’s hard to believe that you can continue to operate on sites that aren’t competitive enough.

2 avoid legal and moral risks. It’s a good idea of what can be done, what can not be done, what should be done, and what not to do. As a webmaster, before the site should be clear understanding. Sites that touch the edges and touch the moral baseline may be good in the short run, but after all, the tail of a rabbit is not long. Don’t say anything in foreign space. That doesn’t solve the problem at all. Operators can easily shield foreign IP, for some serious violations of the site, I believe the relevant departments will find you through all means. Now, no more than a few years ago, the relevant departments of technology and efficiency still improve a lot.


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