"the effective installation price for Firefox has been adjusted from $0.1 to $0.01. Please get ready."." In February 26th, a well-known domestic IT webmaster forum first released the news, and then, the news in the webmaster circle widely circulated, a moment of comment.

"this is by no means a good thing, and suddenly adjusted to 1/10 of the original price, this earned too little."." The QQ group, constantly refresh, users in the group are discussed on the Firefox price adjustment.

for ordinary people, the title of the webmaster, or career, is still a strange word, the webmaster on the network, usually refers to the site of the founder or manager. Do not think that the webmaster of the website is shining, IT community darling, in China’s Internet, big web site is a mainstay, but support the banner of the Internet, more is large and small personal website. Network management of Internet cafes, next to the dorm buddies, restaurant waiter, perhaps is a small webmaster.

just like on the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog. In the webmaster circle, when a webmaster, not what is very successful thing. "Too many webmaster network, Electronic City computer city to throw stones down, can hit three owners, when the owners are not particularly good thing, spend a few hundred dollars to buy a space, a domain name, just put on the domestic free forum, everyone can be a webmaster." On the Internet eight years old networm steeped Xiao Xu says.

because of low barriers to entry, the webmaster in the old users in mind, the webmaster is only an ordinary even more hard work, but is the network of grassroots – websites cannot provide everything for young users of information, through the network to make odor congenial friends, of course, or expression some of their own ideas, and the best hobby can also be linked to money, for example, to earn some money through the website.

webmaster is "nobody loves people who want something your network by others, not to say thank you, if your network hang, let people hang horse, houses will scold you one or two sentences. Stationmaster is not what the darling of venture capital, how much money spends on the net, rely on oneself all the time, accordingly, the website that feeds a website through the network, it is the main approach almost." Xiao Xu serious and said helplessly, "but now, really not easy to earn money, just want to deduct the amount of several League, are the League say, most poor (website) and small, is not what the right to protest, anyway, you do not put ads, other people lined up. Wait for a League through the audit, the less you an alliance, so the operation."

Xu said the alliance refers to the network advertising, this kind of alliance, similar to the advertising agency, on the one hand to find hope advertising in the small ads on the site, a liaison to thousands of households small website, through for advertisers to make and monitor network.

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