writing online in fact and the traditional sense of the creation of similar, but the difference is that online articles are to see friends, friends have a characteristic, it is surfing the Internet easily distracted, do not pay attention to do not know which sites. Then, for the online soft writing, the author provides the following suggestions to help you catch the reader’s eye, and strive for readers to share the article to more places:

recommendation 1., the article context clear, paragraph simple and reasonable,

you know, every reader every day is a "very busy" in the Internet, because they are likely to face any pop-up dialog box QQ, renren.com news, reading mail, search the temporary whim, even suddenly thought of today is not to steal food points to open the QQ farm… The author must consider this situation, must streamline own article, lets the article have a very good logic, conforms to human’s reading custom and so on, the paragraph cannot be too long, otherwise the reader will lose patience.

recommendation 2. abstract, small headlines are required, and the emphasis is placed on

says, in order to attract readers, the article should pay attention to the use of abstract or outline the way on the above article, let the reader can quickly find the gist of the article, and the search engine is the analysis of the information retrieval of love true meaning; similarly, the each part must have H2, H3 and other titles in addition, divided into different themes; involving important phrases or need to be paid attention to the statement, but also the use of italics or underline mark and other means to emphasize.

recommends more than 3. for readers to consider, creating boutique articles


readers easily distracted, but definitely not stupid, readers can easily judge the quality of an article and water quality, so how to provide readers with many high quality articles, readers will remember you forever.

I suggest you stand in the angle of readers up creation, for example if your article mentioned in the annual output value of an industry in a region for billions of yuan, most readers of billions of RMB is no concept, you can add a sentence, which is equivalent to a certain town a year’s total GDP and so on, which can give the reader a a direct comparison. Apple in the new Ipad conference does not directly say how much the new Ipad screen resolution, but that the new IPAD will be clearer than high-definition digital TV, this is also a satisfactory answer to the user.

there is some industry terminology must be careful, because not everyone is an expert, they may not know what you said BL refers to the foreign trade of the bill of lading English – and the reader may think you say is "Boy s Love; and pay attention to the dialect ambiguity, if must speak dialect, you should be careful choice, because many people might misunderstand your meaning, for example, the word" waves "in the words of Shandong dedicated to describe women debauchery, while in the East.

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