for the website, I began to do the first time, and was also with a curious heart. But at that time I thought the domain name can make a web page, actually I was wrong, but also to server space, these auxiliary things. All know, two years ago, I didn’t know what, just entered the ranks of the rookie webmaster.

is perhaps the age, family relationship, I unlike most webmaster, do not matter, only for some spiritual sustenance and meet at home. Money is not my task, in life, like me, and the age of the children eat a ready-cooked meal, clothing to hand.

for the network, I touch this stuff than most of their peers to be early, at that time the Internet is just popular, then I started my primary school, and some friends to play CS. when I was sitting on their legs to play. And yes, like other children also, I am obsessed with online games, of course, what I said was a long time ago, not associated with the subject, just a story..


is playing online games, but the computer thing has some understanding, but also for the future of the site is foreshadowed. Two years ago, a sudden feeling of network game has not appeal to me, but the computer field is great. So I started learning to do ", the beginning I did CMS do not know this thing, is modeled on some pages, with some understanding of their own, write your own code, to form a web page. Each article is made up of" made out, and now there is no way, management system, a generation. However, doing doing, total feel the need to find a breakthrough.

in the confusion of the tracks, I suddenly found that not only the domain name com, CN, net, org, in fact, there are other countries, is very promising, I think one afternoon, decided to note a la, Qiao Qiao also, a two letter word La not registered. Well, note, after a few days, 270 note, 700 will be sold. In fact, I say I want to invest in this, parents do not believe me but also to make money. In this way, the first small fortunes over.


La gave me a bit of power meters, down the necessity, I invested second pure digital La meters, is three digits, the three digit is not common, due to sell, is not easy to say what is the meter, the meter I made myself a week, because of this figure three is a key selling point, very easy, to the Baidu first page fifth (plus one said, the three digital Baidu index 10 thousand), every day to 1000IP also became behoove, I actually want to do it, it must be harvested, but the third half semester already here, no way, I had to sell eagerly, temporarily break the site to quickly, within three days, 2000 yuan will be sold out.

that’s it. I’m in a learning state. Actually, I’m studying

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