today, the website construction industry no longer stops building websites for building a website. But really taking into account the actual situation of customers, building a customer really effective and effective website, to achieve an excellent input-output ratio.

so, this paper introduces a new word, which is the website function. The function of the website is the summary of the function that the client can realize to the website. Functions such as: demonstrating the image and strength of an enterprise; enabling customers to understand products, packaging products, customer services, and so forth. Therefore, a good website is able to fully play out the functions that are planned before the construction and according to the customer’s needs.

you may ask the indicators so often talked about before is not good web standards? Such as user friendliness, search engine performance, code optimization, system capacity, design aesthetics and so on. As a matter of fact, when we build a website in detail, we will find that a website can not use all of these standards. So, isn’t it a good site to use a standard site? Obviously, this view is very one-sided.

according to the specific needs of the site, we only used some of the standards. For example, the SONY website uses a large number of Flash, in search engine performance is certainly not the best, but can we say that it is not a good site,


so, the website construction standards is the means and methods used in the construction site, were used when necessary can be, not all good website must be strictly in accordance with these standards.

The real standard of

is whether this website can complete its function, do a website that sees effect.

so how can a website perform its functions and how can it be more effective? We need to discuss this process carefully.


site implements its function and is actually a process of interacting with visitors. First, visitors come to the site for some reason. Then, visitors browse the site or interact with the site. Finally, the visitor left. This process is divided into three parts, the most important is the first and the second link.

the first link is the visitor’s visit. As we all know, the number of visitors to a website is more and better, that is, our independent visitor index. This number can be a hard target for evaluating a website. So we need to upgrade this metric as much as possible to make the site more efficient. How does this figure make up? Visitors can be divided into two groups: Visiting for the first time and visiting again.

source of the first visit = the company’s own promotion + search engine + word of mouth (others spread).

promotes itself: the company invests in human resources on the web site >

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