I really do not long time, Qiazhiyisuan is two years, but always feel so many things that do not consider now, there is saying, personal webmaster has arrived in the winter, then spring comes after winter, how long we the station for the winter, how to laugh for tomorrow? I combine their do stand experience, summed up the following points together, and the vast majority of the new station.

one, keen insight,

before the establishment of a new station, everybody into the detailed investigation, what is popular now, since the popular, what we want to use the word as a starting point, but also should grasp the popular point is not able to last for a time. And many new station, as a non profitable station, after the establishment of the station can not improve interest.


site you have to rely on the flow of money, not how to talk about SEO, it can be said that half of the correct choice of entry point is the starting point of success, the smaller the better, this may we all know, but often are not very good, my new station is an example, I do stand is recipe network (www.shipu5.com), at the time of selection is to do this but in the recipe, column arrangement to add the article to the surface, cut or large, can actually smaller constraint point, I can do this diet or other corresponding sub sections, it can be targeted, and now face a good grasp of this is to remind the novice should pay attention to the places where.

two, have the learning ability of not suffering hardship and keeping pace with the times.

since the choice of IT this line, then we must have a clear understanding of learning at all times, "learn", and then know inadequate." Only by learning advanced knowledge of this industry can we achieve something. And IT is a changing industry, where time is doomed to be eliminated. Like now stationmaster station, figure wangdage Admin5, Qiu Shida SEO data are very good learning exchanges, the station every day I browse the latest article information, take the experience of others to use their own website, as its own increase more rapidly with


three, enduring endurance,

now the search engine because of too many garbage station harassment, changed the rules of the collection, if we do not have a certain endurance, it’s a pity to give up halfway. Here is Baidu, GG included is no doubt. Do a new half a month included has been very good, in fact, for before we say new sites not included in fact do not worry, new content can be directly submitted to the search engines, but are generally after the submission was included, but not released to my diet,. Filed in March 16th, but 17 is collected, but until April 2nd was released. My www.xiaoneizu.cn is the same

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