I horse note: this morning, social investment website snowball announced the completion of $40 million C round of financing, this round of financing by Renren group led Morningside capital with the cast.

Fang told entrepreneurs &, I dark horse, said: "through its efforts since its establishment, snowball has established its position in the market for investors to exchange this service.". When communication and trading merge, the value of the community will explode. After a new round of financing, snowball will facilitate this integration as soon as possible."

following the oral side of salmon finishing, telling a snowball value:

snowball again financing.

many friends congratulated me. In fact, there is no good financing congratulations, financing is impossible, indicating that no external blood transfusion companies can not live, do not finance, and the company to make money is worth congratulations. From another angle, investors are willing to invest tens of millions of dollars on-line for nearly three years, there is no penny profit snowball, they fancy what the value will be? I talk about my understanding.

first look at the industry. Snowball is an Internet application in the investment industry. Internet products are Internet applications in various industries, such as QQ is the Internet in the field of communication applications, micro-blog is the Internet in the media field applications.

now, especially the basic areas, such as communications, search, have been occupied by large companies, and now the new start-up companies, most of them to more segments, vertical development. The choice of different areas largely determines the commercial value of Internet products and Internet Co. What is the area? The general rule is better than life demand demand in phases, such as making friends for life demand, marriage is the stage of demand; demand is better than high frequency low frequency requirements, such as business travel demand is high frequency, low frequency of leisure tourism demand; high price demand is better than low price demand, certainly more than selling selling cosmetics a good book.

I think investment is one of the few areas of life, high frequency and high customer demand.

What did

do in the field after investing in snowball? It took us almost three years to be an investor community (www.xueqiu.com). With us at the same time into this field of peers, most of them are selling financial products, P2P loans to go, and soon made a very beautiful sales performance. Snowball made a million users, but also not a penny earned community snowball is wrong? We return to the Internet, for investment, in the end what can be done? The snowball before, I have a simple analysis about three things:

transaction. In fact, one of the earliest applications of the Internet is securities trading. Now, banks, brokerages trading business has been fully Internet, new Internet Co, in basic transactions can create little added value.


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