S60v3 download station is currently operating in October last year began, almost a year now, but the flow is pathetically poor, here is a summary of the experience of failure, give yourself the way to tell you as much as possible to avoid these problems that influence the development of the website. In general, this station has experienced too many problems, including domain name replacement, and then exchange, program change, Baidu included normal to only included home page, replace templates, etc..

one, the domain name is replaced and replaced.

in the first half of 08 years, I used the S60v3 domain name to bind on the server for some time, and then canceled it. So began in October after the station, almost a month’s time, Baidu has not included. I have something to worry about reason before and replaced the s60w domain name, the original domain name for 301 points, but the domain name for a few days, Baidu is a collection of the original domain, taking into account the domain name S60v3 is better written and in accordance with the theme of the site content (Symbian S60 third edition NOKIA, referred to as S60v3) so he changed it back to the main domain name, to do s60w 301 points to the original domain name.

two, site program changes.

This station is used before

phpcms2007 procedures, phpcms later released the 2008 program, version 2008 has several functions in particular I love also need special, because there are many small problems, but I also do not understand the program itself. This 5.1 edition see the Empire has many features that I want to find the imperial Forum provides data conversion function, I successfully tested in the local conversion data, under the impulse I put the original phpcms program replaced the Empire ECMS program. The biggest reason to change your website program is to take into consideration that some of the features on your program are important to the development of your website. Before the dream weaving program also made nearly two download stations, not feeling very suitable and dream official forum stick too little, answer a lot of questions there are fewer people. Unlike the Empire tutorial forum more, many users and moderators are more enthusiastic, and WC often personally, have a good friend, plus (Nobel travel network owners) are very familiar to the Empire, can always ask him some questions.

three, site template change.

changed the program, the template more or less, must have made the corresponding changes. And this time, the site just online less than two months, on the one hand, the content of the site is not perfect, on the other hand, the weight of the site in search engines is certainly very low. And my domain name program templates have changed. The result is fourth points.

four, experienced seven months of Baidu, only included home page.

Because the domain name

, procedures and templates in my station from early 09 to July seven months time, Baidu only included the home page, presumably not how many webmaster can experience to do, before and after the change in mentality station during this period. Release several times when you are interested

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