Hello, everyone today to introduce my SkyDrive experience, that is, since the establishment of the site, free SkyDrive to provide resources to download some experience to the user.

in the early webmasters station are using virtual host virtual host, good domestic with foreign traffic restrictions, no limits, but are not allowed to provide large file downloads, so many webmaster hard looking for SkyDrive, as a free download task server.

does not understand SkyDrive, will waste a lot of time in the process of looking for SkyDrive, I am no exception, groundless talk came, SkyDrive spent countless, now finally spoils, I think some good SkyDrive, and SkyDrive experience for everybody.

first, let’s talk about how to choose SkyDrive, SkyDrive must choose some small companies, SkyDrive, the collapse of a few days, the change of name to open, people! Of course, big companies may not be insurance, I had saved more than 10 G things in ghost SkyDrive, but SkyDrive has a ghost the running time of 5 years, the world’s largest and most succinct best quality of SkyDrive, but last year, because of financial problems collapsed, fortunately I have a backup, so the loss is not serious, to remind you that no matter how much SkyDrive, are not their own, when used to give yourself a posterior approach.

, here are some small storage files, better SkyDrive:

1.Dbank of SkyDrive, this is a product that HUAWEI has just started, things are not perfect, but the page download, convenient traffic and space can redeem, as long as you can earn more promotion points, if the owners want to save money, and get some more points, 200M file available for download here, just like what difference did not provide direct download, upload very convenient, very fast, very personal love, has been in use.

2 thousand brain, while thousands of brain occasionally a little more idiotic, advertising, but each to 5 G of storage space, IPA interface, very suitable for the forum. Overall, it’s not bad, you can use it. In addition, thousands of brain can make money, your resources are downloaded once, you can earn 0.5 cents, I did 2 months, earn 2 dollars, I cry!


3.rayfile SkyDrive, the SkyDrive and thousands of brain almost, a bigger company than a thousand brain, but some relatively cumbersome to download small files, can also use the tool to download large files, so it is recommended to download a file with this.

4.115 SkyDrive, this SkyDrive support 1G file upload, very good, if you want to provide large files to download, use this SkyDrive, must be very satisfied.

I use the above several SkyDrive, feel collocation use, the effect is great. However, it needs to be emphasized, not to SkyDrive too high, after all, people are free, SkyDrive is burning money project, it is impossible for you to provide all the same server convenience

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