talk about QQ group joint function, will become network marketing tool

, if you don’t keep up with micro-blog’s big stream, you’re OUT,


, if you don’t join the WeChat public platform, you’re OUT again,

, you’re lost in the Marketing Marathon,


now, Tencent Inc launched another marketing tool ——-QQ group, if you have not yet acted, then your promotion channels will become narrow, competitors are suppressed, there is no opportunity to breathe.

QQ group features:

‘s main function point:

group – you can set multiple group linked to a group consisting of a group of medium. You became the leader of the alliance. You can contact group each group sending notification information, each group members will receive notification. Play an important role in many fields such as pushing, gathering, convening and so on.

QQ contact is still in beta, there are a lot of people don’t know this new function, perhaps you also for your micro-blog fans less than competitors and distress, push for the WeChat public platform restrictions and worry, but if you see this article so very glad to tell you of the shipment, you get a more modern weapons. In the network marketing promotion level, this will be helpful for your promotion work.

below, I will explain in detail how to operate QQ group.

first, because it is currently QQ group is still in beta stage, apply for experience also need to see your luck and skills.

1. applications, as far as possible to choose your own QQ group built more QQ number, so easy to get beta qualification, currently small series tested 3, QQ through 2.

2. chooses active, high grade QQ to apply, and yesterday, some friends passed.

3. applies multiple, try to avoid the same IP, you can restart the router or ADSL.

group address: login your QQ number, click on the application experience



will go through the second step, not through, it will prompt: "in beta" prompt

second, create QQ group

1. choose to create QQ group, and fill in the necessary information according to the procedure.


You also need to download a QQ version of the

2. contact QQ group after the application is successful, the address will prompt

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