website optimization can be divided into two major categories: in station optimization and off site optimization.

one, outside the station to optimize

station optimization is more common outside the chain (recommended to blog) the skills, such as forums, blogs, inquiry platform, 58 classification information and so on, there is not too much, everybody know. Here I detailed under the station optimization, I personally pay more attention to station optimization.

two, station optimization is divided into:

1, code streamlining, hierarchical, not too many layers of mutual nesting.

2, title tag optimization, Keywords tag optimization, description tag optimization,

3, h1—h5 tag optimization, the title as far as possible using h1-h5

4, IMG tag optimization, pictures plus ALT tags, in a word or phrase, simple description of the picture

5, link optimization between stations

6, use the JS code


7, keywords Optimization: in addition to site keywords, consider the user’s search habits, to locate keywords, such as Xiao Zhang had liver disease, want to find a treatment of liver disease,

good hospital, then he will search engine search for "the best treatment of liver disease hospital", "liver treatment of the best hospital", "liver treatment which hospital is good" and some

long tail words, usually users who search these words, are all our potential customers, indicating that he needs a hospital for liver treatment.

8, article writing,

1, the title as simple to attract people’s attention, one can let users see this article want to express the meaning of the title text so as not too long, the content of expression is not clear, causing the user does not have the patience to close the browser directly, but if it is what he wants, not only will read down, may also be active contact us, often such users are likely to be our potential customers.

2, if the content of the article, paragraph text is too much, use a small section of the situation, paragraph by paragraph to introduce the content you want to express. At least it doesn’t cause too much text in the paragraph, and the user looks impatient and closes the page.

3, the introduction of products not too detailed or too simple, try to let the reader read have Sidongfeidong situation, want to through expert detailed consultation, this may bring us visits and consultation.

4, each volume and amount of consultation are our potential customers, they may be consulted by experts to become our final customers. This improves the conversion rate, we do not aim at SEO in order to bring traffic, improve conversion?

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