e-commerce generally has three ways of thinking: the Internet, retail, and supply chains.

equates the conversion rate to the website experience, and is generally the designer or product manager of the Internet, who particularly emphasizes the visual effects of the website and the friendliness of the interaction;

understand e-commerce as retail channels, generally do traditional retail origin, they like to shop everywhere, such as settled in Tmall, pat, Dangdang, etc., and then regularly engage in some discount promotions;


electronic commerce into the supply chain, such as typical Amazon, its interface design no beauty (although very good), no promotion atmosphere, just like a person alone to choose something in a large warehouse, but its supply chain is in place on the site, everywhere outstanding commodity stocks service time.

what kind of thinking should we choose? There is a principle, that is, the conversion rate of users, that is, how many people pay after entering the store.

users will eventually order, is a kind of overall experience, if the user does not know the site, and the first entry was found in the interface is very simple, naturally there is no sense of security, so we should pay attention to the site’s visual style.

If the

is old users, is actually not too concerned about the interface of visual effects, more attention to purchase orders, convenience and category and logistics; so I think that Amazon is focused on the old user, my first single is I know it two years later, once I think it is the electronic commerce website I love the most. I didn’t buy a refrigerator on it at first, because I didn’t believe such a cold site would provide me with quick door-to-door installation service, so I chose Jingdong.

what should we do to strengthen the website? It depends on the user’s point of view and the company’s competitive advantage. Like Amazon, because there have been massive sticky users, and powerful intelligent operation system (automated recommendation and stock replenishment mechanism), can be reduced to the lowest operating costs, thus providing service everyday low prices (without strong promotion, atmosphere) and the supply chain is the core concern of loyal users.

otherwise, I’m not going to start. The following diagram is the core factor of the conversion rate.


conversion rate is a comprehensive impact factor, which requires all departments of the company to work together. I believe that many product managers have a deep sense of frustration: why I am so confident website revision, conversion rate increased by 0.5 percentage points. If the site’s product prices generally increased by 5%, or at a price of 8% competitors, you see, how many will fall once the conversion rate of your site, if this thing happened in the on-line version, as you wait for the product manager found it, if your boss do not understand the above diagram.

was the product manager’s design instinct after being on the site

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