when we do the website, we will eventually encounter many problems, below I will analyze how to solve these problems (there are wrong places, welcome to point out, there is a problem, need to exchange)

1, web site was implicated,

web server or Links encountered in the operation of the site being punished, our own website implicated in how to do? I believe many people have encountered such a situation, all of our site is normal, but the site did not, the spider does not come, only Baidu site home page.

this situation, in fact, there is no good way, then we will do our best to do on the line, and the rest is slowly waiting. At this point, we first observe two days, to see if the Baidu spider is not normal, so it usually takes two days to collect it back. If it is indeed implicated, then we change the replacement of a space, space, we have to think about it, ha ha.

2, insist on doing their own content, how many articles updated daily, after the general keep this number, do not suddenly more and less, then we do some high quality of the chain, this can be considered to buy high quality.

two, site included more traffic, less

We first consider why

website traffic less, look at a hanphone world website, website gives people the feeling is good, but the collection is also good, but why less traffic


look at the key words "Hanwang world", it ranked first, but the words of ordinary people will search? Do you have a SEO problem, you can go to search the world hanphone? Network fault? No, the name of the site as a keyword, early in the site is not desirable, we have no fame, no people who knows, this keyword represents what


so in this case we need to change the appropriate keywords, such as computer technology, network technology, SEO technology, people can search keywords, then optimized, when you sit in the rankings can be.

three, website promotion question

1. landing on major search engines. Login search engine, can say is a sign of website released, currently in the major search engines to domestic operations, including Baidu, Google, Soso, search, Sogou search, etc., to a fall, and because the search engine included new sites have certain work cycle, generally for 1 weeks before February, so this work should begin as early as the better. Here’s a special point. Don’t use the so-called auto add tools.

2. through forum. Want to promote their own websites, not only around in their website, must take care of others, to other people’s forum posts, but do not overdo sth., post to write more connotation, don’t send that advertising is a look at the post, not surrounded by enemies.

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