enterprise websites are different from other types of websites. First of all, the enterprise website is not suitable for larger traffic, but should do accurate traffic. And on the SEO big flow will be counterproductive, because through the SEO’s user rarely can find valuable content on their websites, which will cause the bounce rate is very high, the search engine will determine the website user experience is not good, which leads to the drop, the flow will decrease.

What is the purpose of

enterprise website? Conversion! But the front also said, enterprise website is generally product display, display case, dynamic company, these are not of interest to many users, that is to say that traffic is invalid, we are doing. So, how to improve the conversion rate of the site? Comprehensive said, the core is to do precise flow. About precise flow how to do, we are divided into two blocks:

build marketing website


website is the foundation of network marketing system, the foundation is not solid superstructure is crumbling even fall apart, so the first step is the most important step is to build the website into a perfect marketing website.

The core of the

web site is the need to tell visitors who we are, what we do, how we do it, why we do it, and how to contact us. As a whole, in line with the habits and needs of the potential target customers in the network, stand in the perspective of potential customers, and arrange the contents of potential customers on the front page of the website. Enterprise image publicity, core product display, customer witness, for potential target customers answer questions, etc., shaping the credibility of the enterprise, through the implementation of website marketing, access to sales leads, and eventually reached a deal.

The basic elements of

‘s marketing web site:

1) build trust (who will go to a layout, confusion, dislocation, or even Shanzhai site to buy a product?).

2) concise atmosphere (simple and convenient, clear at a glance, convenient to understand the strength of enterprises and query product parameters).

3) discount promotions (people don’t necessarily want to buy bargains, but they like to be cheap and increase the probability of deals through promotions).

4) to facilitate contact (the first step to establish trust in the enterprise, the second step to find the product you want to buy, then the third step is to contact the communication, ask about the price and achieve the transaction. So it is very important for potential users to find the most convenient way to contact them. ).

accurate traffic

for enterprise websites, 1000IP every day does not necessarily have a customer advisory, but accurate traffic may only have more than a dozen visitors a day, but it is likely to conclude two or three transactions. Because the accurate flow is brought about by the intention of customers, they just want to understand the product, would like to know the case, to understand the strength of the company, if the company website is the website marketing qualified, so the transaction is a natural thing, this is the charm of the accurate flow.

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