has done website friend all know, the construction of the chain outside the website is a long-term arduous task. Since Baidu and Google hit the link business, it’s not possible to raise the chain by buying links, but a normal link and site directory link is okay. This article is about the content of the web site outside the chain, we do not look at, I believe there will be some harvest.

one, similar websites exchange friendship links. This is also the most primitive, but very effective way to do the chain. Now Baidu and Google crack down on link sales, but content related sites exchange links, in addition to building high quality chains, sometimes they can also get sizable traffic sources.

two, high-quality website release, with links, soft text. Now there are a lot of soft Wen release media, to 20-50 yuan price in high-quality web site release soft Wen, a good soft Wen in good website release, will cause a lot of forwarding, and bring a lot of the chain. The news source site if the effect will be more obvious, the SEO role is not to be small in China, but the release price will be more expensive, the more demanding. Of course, for individual webmaster, recommend cooperation to find some similar related websites for free, in fact many large web sites have cooperation with small website, if you have work station, not a waste of resources, when they find you, you have to write a few articles to help you out.

three, a blog, chain. In the major blog platform open blog, do the chain is also an old way. Along with all kinds of blog, the chain of mass tools, the way to build the chain also gradually toward the end, the major blog platform is not vegetarian, take many mechanisms to curb this behavior. However, some large blogs, such as Sina, NetEase, Tianya and so on, are still quite impressive. It is suggested that you also take advantage of the relevant resources you have accumulated.

four, links platform exchange. This kind of platform can increase the chain of our website. It also increases the visibility of our website. Moreover, when the information is released, others can link to your website via the way you leave it. Can also be regarded as a very good method of publishing the chain. A5, Chinaz and other webmaster platform has a special friendship link exchange section, when you have nothing to do, you can find the right link for exchange.

five, install bookmarks, favorites and social sharing tools. Bookmarks QQ bookmarks, Baidu search… Social sharing tools, cloud recommendation, Baidu recommend… By installing them on their website, they can get a certain amount of external links and considerable traffic.

six, site navigation, directory submission. If you can let hao123, 360, 2345 navigation site included, then, whether in the chain or flow have great use. Of course, the difficulty is great, you can go back to the next, you can submit your own web site to those non classified directory submitted, can establish a long-term stable outside the chain. The DMOZ directory is also available for submission, >

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