we are very pleased to announce that shlf1314 AdSense from this month, a new mode of payment, the remittance business!!! For the end of October 2007, you need to send the payment, you can choose to use the remittance way more convenient to receive your payment. The remittance business is Chinese postal and Agricultural Bank Chinese and the western United States joint Nationwide Financial Services Inc hereinafter referred to as the Western Union Company established in collaboration with international express personal remittance business, is a few minutes to reach the international remittance. At present, the Western Union remittance service has been set up in the more than 500 provincial capital cities of China and 31 major cities in China, as well as the Agricultural Bank of china.

first checks the URL path design within the web site, and the design structure is reasonable. In general, the URL path is designed to be brief, which helps search engines crawl and crawl content. If the design is unreasonable, there is no rule, the site will be relatively poor, included low natural will affect the ranking. And check your website’s daily or weekly links to see if there are a lot of dead links and invalid connections that affect the experience of the user and the engine spider. This phenomenon slowly let the search engine spiders antipathy, will affect the site included, the worst case website will be right down, check the dead links to webmaster tools can query, if the term does not check the website ULR dead links lead to death too much, and you happened to have to do 404 pages Lin Jianhui suggest that you must do 404 pages, this is the search engine.


      1.. Do I need to pay for the Western Union?

      2.. Who can use Western Union?

      National Day has released a message, said shlf1314 Adsense launched the Western Union payment, and not fee charge station. But many owners because the page is not found, do not believe this fact. Today, Adsense Chinese official blog has published detailed statement.


from sh419 Scindapsus algorithm on the line, most of the site in the sandbox, the website is sh419 drop right, some web site directly by K off, resulting in most of the webmaster panicked, before using the black hat techniques are not used to, are earnest to write some the original article, pay attention to the user experience, while doing so, ranking fell, because some owners just know not to send spam links, not to hang black chain, not to trade links, the content is not to excessive optimization. But there are some hidden factors will cause website ranking drop, so Lin Jianhui suggested that we should search engine from the point of view to analyze what cause website ranking drop, Lin Jianhui today to tell you about all the factors, the decline in ranking websites.

      type of account is a personal account of the publisher, and mailing address for the China mainland currently does not include Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao Special Administrative Region, can use the remittance payment. For mainland China, the type of account holder for corporate accounts currently supports payment by mail only.

does SEO with a lot of uncertainty, for example, the site’s ranking is not up to ensure that it does not fall. Because of a variety of factors, the website ranking will fluctuate, then when the site rankings suddenly fall, how should we analyze the reasons for it? Only find the reason, can find the solution.

1: content and 301 cheating

      fast – West union uses the world’s most advanced technology, real-time in the global timeout, more than 180 countries and regions deal with international remittances. Within a few minutes, the payee will receive the amount in full.

, 2:URL, and 404 page

      here are some of the issues that we may be more concerned with:

 :     3.. What advantage does the Western Union have?

      no, the Western Union is free; that means you can save a lot of bank collection fees without waiting for long check delivery and collection cycles.

      declare as follows http://s.adsense.shlf1314chinablog/, you can go to the official blog to see.

in the first half, several Lin Jianhui collection site, the weights are good, is very good, a month ago, sh419 down the right, ranking no, I was not at all surprised, think it is time, so those who hold a long standing attitude, to remind you a word, just not to the time, so that everyone is to write some articles on the acquisition of yourself, will eventually have to be treated, wrote this think of a thing, someone asked me, now it is not cheating with the jump, I do not say this as you know, is to rely on some black hat cheating. Take a stand ranking and weight increase after 301 jump to another with a white hat Optimization Website, this means to tell the truth, in the past can be, now, sh419 can not clear


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