:      ;       lead: American online magazine online magazine said on Friday that the development of mobile applications attracted much attention and attracted a lot of money inflows. In order to achieve considerable economic returns, many lack of vision of the application developers do not hesitate to use dirty means inflated traffic, resulting in this growing market chaos.

1, buy user

"I do believe someone will manipulate the data for financing."." Us Venture Capital Firm KPCB partner Matt · Murphy Matt Murphy said, "all the financing companies seem to have made a breakthrough in the data, some can reflect the actual, some are manipulated."

the process is made up of a specific problem. The only thing an entrepreneur can do is to identify problems, solve them manually, and repeat the process. The number of repetitions is the highest. In order to make more innovative enterprises from the left into the winner, rather than died before dawn, March 30th Suning Suning investment group was established in Shanghai, through the establishment of Jinshi fund, Ding Yuan fund, a fund, culture medium.

if Web is dead "was established, the application of open ecological system relying on the browser and students really will be closed to replace, so attention should be paid to such inappropriate behavior, it is not only the risk of investors and developers. In the rapidly changing application industry, more and more enterprises begin to use unscrupulous means to violate user’s privacy, waste user’s time and even destroy the reputation of users. If capital and user traffic trends continue, the situation will only get worse.

"this is the best of times, and this is the worst of times."." Over the years, Dickens has used this rotten "universal lead", such as a random straw hat, with countless attempts to cover the many faces of this age. But in many cases, this strong contrast is not the truth – at least for the moment, for Chinese entrepreneurs, it’s probably the best of times, and there’s no second half.

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, for example, when you play Android games, >

was also at the hearing, with Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning holdings, and Kevin, ·, the founding editor of Wired magazine, to share his insights into the future. They a doer, a theorist, opinions are very similar. In summary is: every era has its outlet, someone to bypass roads, there will be people in the dance, the market is not scarce opportunities.

              application startup chaos: inflated flow become

has become more and more serious because of its lack of transparency. In Web, advertising, kickbacks, and suspicious content are most obvious at the moment. In the application, the user’s behavior is locked in proprietary software, the transaction is through iTunes and shlf1314, Play and other private platforms, and even advertising can only be delivered through Tapjoy and Flurry closed platform. This creates the ideal environment for all kinds of bad habits.


has a lot of bad habits in the field of application today, and although this approach attracts traffic that is difficult to sustain, it can still enjoy a brief boom. There are mainly as follows:

many bad habits,

from the "remnant" to the winner

recently organized by the "Su Ning 2016KK Zijin Mountain venture, listen to that idea" Suning financial officially launched the private equity financing platform Suning, Suning earlier entrepreneurial business landing, which is important to many industry insiders as Suning multi-level layout entrepreneurial ecosystem.

this is also a true portrayal of many entrepreneurs. In a sense, the essence of entrepreneurship is to determine a goal, and then explore a new form of integration in the vast market resources to achieve it. But as Zhang Jindong said in the hearing on: business needs not only creativity, also need capital, technology, talent and a lot of resources, and the accumulation of time, it is not easy to be, from the quantitative qualitative change, is a "left for the king" process.

· Horowitz in the "start" in the following sentence review their pioneering time: "as CEO more than 8 years, only 3 days in the remaining 8 years, almost all difficult."

entrepreneurs need help, and that’s what open giant companies are willing to do, such as suning.

with the massive inflow of capital application industry, the bet is larger, the developers also Hold live, began playing the crooked ways: buy flow, fight pornography, fraud, in order to improve the ranking can be described as fair. To compete, the app developers are using all their dirty tricks – not only to cheat their users, but to cheat investors’ money.

the key is: where is it,

platform closed

selects areas of diversity, flexibility in organizational form, and dilution of individual risk…… The steep decline in costs has made entrepreneurship the most important vein and biggest variable of the business era – but "low cost" does not mean "high returns."". As you know, business is not easy, a close call, China the average daily birth of 12 thousand new companies, but 100 start-ups only 7-8 can survive the "three year itch".

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